November 20

Week 7- Nature!

For this week, I thought of this email my grandma sent me about some crazy tress. I would translate the page if you have the option. Here’s a link to the website-    I will include some of the pictures from it in this paragraph.

Trippy Trees

Trees. Wow how they vary and are amazing. CO2. O. You want to know what that gives us, it’s LIFE. Without plants or trees we wouldn’t be here today. Every living thing needs oxygen and carbon in their bodies. Oxygen mainly is to give your body air to breath in, but you need hemoglobin to pass that oxygen around. Guess what is in hemoglobin. It is iron, and iron is also essential to our lives with calcium, gold, hydrogen, all of those elements. Well I could get all science nerd on you guys, but all I’m trying to say is that nature makes our lives possible. Think: If there were no plants, no trees, where would the cute little creatures be? GONE! What about those super scary spiders we find in the bathroom? Well gone too (yes). Okay well without trees and plants, there is nada. No life at all. This is why nature is so essential to daily life.

What makes trees so special? Good question. We know oxygen and all of that science junk, but  it really isn’t. Well you may say that a sapling is puny and is nothing when it can become a giant. So people no hating on the trees. Trees are the structure to all of the ecosystem and have many organisms associated with them. Also, many trees are from the Stone Age (not literally). I mean some are thousands of years old, but you have trees living in the hundreds. Wait you are saying they had no technology? They are trees people, they aren’t people. Here’s some history of trees, and to start off is that trees have been here way longer than us. Most likely, they were the first plants to be around on Earth. What is great about trees is that there are so many of them and not just one kind.

Even though trees seem boring and just sticks, they aren’t. So far of what I have wrote has to do with trees and plants giving off life and the history, but they are even a hobby. There are people that study and find trees for fun and here are the things they do. For example, some botanists look at the leaves and how they are shaped, color, and all sorts of categories. Next is the bark. Well some taste it and others see patterns in it and color. Then comes the pointy trees, round, and pretty much whatever tree. Oh, I forgot to mention about the branches and that they study those too. All in all, trees make life possible plus make an interesting hobby.

Here is a link where I found some info-

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